Clean Energy 24/7 - A Wave of the Future and Solution to America's Energy Problem

One of the most important issues facing the world today is the constantly increasing need for energy. New sources of energy must be clean, reliable, inexhaustible and inexpensive. The source of energy that best meets these criteria is clean wave energy (CWE).

Energy harvested from ocean waves is available 24/7 and free. The kinetic energy available from an ocean swell of 4-foot height and 6 second cycle is 65 megawatts per mile of coastline. New Jersey has a high ratio of ocean shoreline to population. One megawatt translates into one million watts of electricity for 500 homes. That is a huge amount of free energy waiting to be harvested. Water is 800 times more dense than air. Converting wave energy to electricity will cost less than an equivalent amount of energy derived from either wind power or solar collectors. Both solar and wind energy are part time power sources whereas wave energy is perpetual.

CWE does not pose the safety or environmental hazards of oil drilling or coal mining, does not pollute the atmosphere (like coal, oil or gas) and it does not pose the threat of an explosion or generate nuclear waste with a thousand year half life.

Different types of wave energy converters (WEC) that capture wave energy are under development around the world. Some have reached the testing phase, but no device has made big news as yet for various reasons, primarily because they are focused on generating the electricity offshore and running high voltage cables to shoreline transformer stations; that is complex, costly and dangerous. In addition, offshore lightning can destroy an electric generator.

Clean Wave Energy LLC has designed a patent pending WEC that captures wave energy offshore to pump ocean water to a standard hydroelectric facility onshore where electricity is produced by turbine generators, and the water is then returned to the original ocean location to avoid environmental impact. This system eliminates the high cost, the complex issues and the imminent danger of transporting electricity through water. Therefore, our system is safer, it will produce electricity considerably cheaper than any other WEC system or method, and waves are inexhaustable. The number of WECs that can be utilized is determined from the demand for electricity.

The total estimated cost of the entire system, beginning with the manufacture and installation of 100 pumps/floats/anchors, the main line piping to the on-shore power house, construction of the power house including land, building, turbines, generators, electric switch grid and connection to the local electric grid is estimated to be approximately $40 million. The cost of the project can be paid for by issuing a ten year bond plus interest for $61 million and paid for by 5100 homes serviced. Each household's monthly payment would be less than $100 for unlimited electricity.

It is calculated that the Clean Wave Energy system's output would be 10 MW per year that would generate approximately 15,000 clean energy certificates that can be sold on the open market for at least $400 each. This converts to $6 million per year investment return. As a result of this clean energy income, each home will pay less than $83.30 per month after one year or less than 5 cents per KWH. The size of the market is unlimited.

Phase I Because of the relative simplicity of the proposed WEC, getting it to the testing stage in a wave pool would take approximately one and a half years after funding is in place.

Phase II After interpolating the test pool data, the design work and specifications for phase II will start. This phase will provide the first three full size offshore pumps that will be anchored to the ocean floor. This is estimated to take two years including the six months testing phase.

Phase III The goal of generating unlimited clean energy at a much reduced cost and much reduced environmental impact comes to fruition in this last phase. All permits will be in place, funding approved, the hydroelectric plant will be built, all 100 WEC's will be manufactured, assembled and installed. This should be completed in 2 ½ years.

Documents explaining in detail the three phases of the wave energy development in detail are available upon request.